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ANALAN Mini Pet Hair Remover Red  - 1

ANALAN Mini Pet Hair Remover Red

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"ANALAN" was founded in 2017 by Andy and Haley Zhang in California. We adhere to the "simple but not simple" design concept and customer experience.
How we got our start?
From product data research to product design and development, we spent about 7 months of preparation time. Everything is not so easy, every detail of the design is our consideration. The shape, texture, material, weight of the product, each link we spend a lot of time and continuous research!
What makes our product unique?
We have now completed the upgrade to version 2.0!!! In order to meet Professional detailer or home clean who needs continuous frequent,often clean the pet hair every day, we have launched a stronger 2.0 Pro material blade accessory kit! We are currently working on designing more Pro accessories!!
Why we love what we do?
We attach great importance to the opinions of each customer! During the new material testing process in the past 2 months, More than 100 professional detailers help us tested nearly 150 different formulations of silicone and rubber materials, and we completed this great work together with them!

No need to worry your hand will feel sore after prolonged use

  • We added Quality ring grip (Universal size fits everyone) to the dog hair removal. It is very easy to hold and requires very little pressure.
  • Your hand will not feel sore after prolonged use. We use a matte particle non-slip coating on the ring grip. Even if your hands are wet, you still don’t have to worry about the dog fur brush slipping or sliding.

Reuse and save!

  • The dog hair remover uses a detachable design
  • The replaceable blades are easy to replace. Now you only have to replace the silicone blades and keep using the same product, no more throwing entire remover away when the silicone blade wears down.

Note: You must read our user manual before disassembling the shell, and follow our steps to disassemble and install!

The shell adopts a solid honeycomb structure design

  • ABS Material

We use the sturdy ABS material to make the outer shell, and the honeycomb structure inside make the shell very strong.

  • Matte Spray Paint Shell

In order to make the hair remover more appealing, we use matte spray paint.

Currently, we sell our pet hair remover in three awesome colours: Red, Pink Orange.

Available in New Zealand Only In Our Online Store!!!!

How to use?(Note:In order to improve the cleaning efficiency, we have updated the use steps)

analan cat hair remover

analan pet hair remover

analan hair remover

analan pet hair remover

Note: We recommend you to use long and fast strokes to clean as big of areas as possible at one time.

  • Step 1:Choose the largest density (No.1) gear to clean the large area as much as you can
  • Step 2:Choose medium density gears (No.2) for the second cleaning
  • Step 3:Choose the smallest density gear (No.3) for deep cleaning

Use the Anchor-shaped hook of the silicone blade to clean up the stubborn hair hidden in the gaps or dead corners.

Briskly sweep and drag pet hair into a pile, then use a Vacuum cleaner to vacuum.

Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe accumulated dirt and dust from blade to maximum cleaning power.


analan pet hair remover

analan pet hair remover

analan pet hair remover

analan dog hair remover

Does gear-shaped silicone hurt your hands?

  • The soft silicone allows the user to have a firm grasp on the cat hair remover while using it, without any hard plastic blades digging into your skin.

When i need to replace the blade?

  • How long can the silicone blade be used?

During the test, we used it on the carpet continuously for about 500 hours before fully abrading the silicone blade to a flat surface.

  • Note: The above test is for reference only, and the actual life depends on various comprehensive factors.

  • How can I determine when I need to be replaced?

When the silicone blade is worn down to 20% of its original state, you need a replacement.

  • Note: Refer to the wear level of the silicone blade in our picture above

What are the advantages of different working modes?

  • The small triangle has small silicone blades on each side to catch any fur or hair. Each side has a different amount of blades, catering to different sizes of area, or fur/hair.

Note: After testing, it is also suitable for human hair

What are the advantages of gear-shaped design over flat surfaces?

  • The gear-shaped design is faster in cleaning speed, more efficient in cleaning, grabs even more fur and hair, and it has more friction to grab hair and fur.

pet hair remover

Warning: For use on carpet or fabrics only. Not recommended for leather or smooth surfaces.

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Literally the best hair removal tool

I was actually surprised how well the 3 different levels of teeth would work. When I first bought it I was skeptical but when I used it I finally saw first hand just how effective those teeth are for pulling up dog hair. The 3 different variations of teeth allow for you to decide depending on the thickness and material of carpet which one to use!

The first dog hair removal tool I had was the Lilly Brush. It’s highly spoken of in the auto detailing industry. And I still love it. But this tool is the apex predator for hair removal. I have yet to pick up my Lilly brush since purchasing this. It’s ergonomic, its cool lookin, and it’s 3 layers of teeth or ridges allow the user to try 3 different methods. If one doesn’t work, try the other 2.

I’ve tested this brush on probably 10 different cars already and the results are incredible. This will definitely be my go-to hair removal tool.


Pet owner


All I can say is WOW! Use this tool on your couch and chair cushions and you will be amazed. I have a dark grey cat and his fur is often hard to see on darker surfaces. I used it on the bar stools that he sleeps on and got almost enough fur to make another cat. It balls up the fur so you can just pick it up or vacuum it up. Highly recommend for pet parents.



Highly recommend for car detailers and house cleaners!

This little guy is a game changer. I have 2 dogs that shed and carpet- not a great combination. I've tried everything to get rid of dog hair, but nothing has been helpful. I bought this with very little hope, but it worked like a charm. It was embarrassing how much hair and crud it removed. especially deep and embedded. I think I even found cat hair, and the cat died over a year ago!


Greg k

A MUST for professionals and pet owners.

I’m a professional auto detailer and interiors are my “jam.” Most hate it, but I love to clean. Pet hair is one of the biggest annoyances (sand too) of interiors, especially with lower quality carpets that hold onto everything. The taller teeth do very well with grabbing pet hair from the cheap carpet they put on the back of seats and in vehicles like a Prius, Mazda(s), and a few other manufacturers.

It fits well in the hand and is easy to use. I really like the ability to replace worn rubber. If you utilize a vacuum in conjunction (as I expect you would), may I suggest you use the crevice tool and keep it either in front or behind the tool as you stroke. This will help pick up any loose hair as it’s released and male removal much quicker and more efficient.

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ANALAN Mini Pet Hair Remover Red

ANALAN Mini Pet Hair Remover for Couch Dog Hair Remover Cat Hair Remover Brush for Auto Detailing, Car Detailing,Home Fabric

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