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Stain Cleaner SOFT99 - Made In Japan - 1
Stain Cleaner SOFT99 - Made In Japan - 1

Stain Cleaner

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With Stain Cleaner Strong Type, all you need to do is spray and wipe it off. 

The white powder won't remain on the surface and re-wiping is NOT necessary. 

It chemically breaks down and gets rid of stubborn dirt, which normal car shampoo couldn't do. 

Abrasive compounds are NOT included, so it won't damage your car paint. 

The fresh scent of grapefruit gets rid off bad odour during the process. 

It can not be used on glass, mirrors, rubber, unpainted plastic bumpers and coated surfaces. 

Our Tip:

Anyone who has worked with Stain Cleaner at least once knows how versatile this product is. In our community, it's considered as one of the most pleasant and easiest to use decontamination agent. But did you know that Stain Cleaner can also be used in the process of preparing tyres before application of dressings or tyre waxes? 

Simply apply a small amount of Stain Cleaner directly onto the tyre and use the brush to distribute the product evenly around the tyre's sidewall until the dirt had separated from the tyre's surface. When will this happen? When the foam starts to turn brown, that'll mean the product has done its job. Then all you have to do is rinse the tyre and apply your favourite dressing!

Directions of use: 

* Remove dirt from the car in advance.

1. Shake the bottle well.

2. Turn the nozzle to <ON>, and spray it on the surface.

3. Wipe it off with a dry, clean cloth.


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Worked a treat!

Did a fantastic job removing a months worth of dead insects from the from of our motorhome.
Easy to use and worked well, if used per the manufacturers instructions.
I was also pleased it removed some road film and contrary to another reviewer, it did remove some minor iron deposits.
It easily removed a couple of bugs which had been on the van for probably a couple of months

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Stain Cleaner

With Stain Cleaner Strong Type, all you need to to clean your car is to spray and wipe it off.

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