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Detailing Kit Mix  - 2
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Detailing Kit Mix  - 2

Detailing Kit Mix

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This Kit Included seven detailing products:

1- Microfiber Cloth - Super Water Absorbent

1 - Iron Terminator Wheels Cleaner

1 - Smooth Egg Clay Bar

1 - Wash Mist Interior Cleaner

1 - Detailing Brush 30mm 

1 - F7 Sealant All Colours

1- Shampoo + Compound 2 in 1

Our Complete Car Care Kit is a 7-piece collection of premium our products that includes everything a person needs to clean, maintain and protect the many surfaces of their car. From detailing to polish, this kit has all the essential items for basic car care, such as detailer, clay, sealant, car wash shampoo, and more. It makes the perfect car gift kit for the car fanatic in your life, even if that car fanatic happens to be you!

Microfiber Cloth - Super Water Absorbent

The super extra fine microfiber cloth with triangular, cross-section patterns demonstrates a tremendous ability to absorb water and drastically reduces wiping time after washing. Also, the super extra fine microfiber is effective because it allows you to remove light levels of unwanted residue.

1000 mm X 300 mm

Iron Terminator Wheels Cleaner

Design to be used on both wheels and bodywork, the reaction time is very short and clings really well to surface! Great companion with other Soft99 products in the range! It can be also used on bodywork as a surface preparation stage before waxing. A bottle will last approximately 20 wheels Instruction: - Rinse wheels first for excess dirt - spray product on to the wheels, make sure it is covered properly - Let the product work approximately for 3-5 mins (Wheels will turn purple slowly) - Rinse off with water - If there is dirt left over, please repeat and use a wheel brush to remove dirt Strong fallout remover exclusively develops for aluminium wheel. Special active agent and ammonium thioglycolate synergistic effect thoroughly remove the stubborn iron deposit which normal car wash cannot. In special this product is highly effective for ferrous deposit. Quick colour change shows clearly where the product is activated. PH-balanced (pH-7) formula without abrasive particles, friendly to aluminium wheel and human.

Smooth Egg Clay Bar

This is probably the only Made In Japan premium clay bar to be available in New Zealand. This clay bar is a fine grade type. It does not require any use of quick detailer! Water will do! And it is safe to use even it is ok to be used on a ceramically coated car! You have to use it to see for yourself the quality!

A delicate clay bar that will help you prepare your car paint before the application of any protective coatings, no matter whether a sealant or wax. It removes any dirt that might not be visible with a naked eye, like iron filings, rubber residue, bird and sap droppings. The body of the vehicle will get factory-smooth again!

Wash Mist Interior Cleaner

The most anticipated product from Soft99 in 2018! Roompia Wash Mist, a super easy to use the product for all parts interior (Dash, trims, leather, fabric as well as glasses) It quick drying capabilities leaves no additional finish and fingerprints behind. It will also eliminate odour and leave a refreshing grapefruit scent. The super fine spray head makes the This is spray type interior cleaner for multi-purpose. The easy procedure just sprays and wipe, you can throughout remove finger oil, cigarette stain which occurred in various area. It produces anti-bacterial* and odour elimination effect.

Detailing Brush 30mm 

Oakey detailing brush is a professional quality brush. Our brushes are unique on the market and differ in many details, so working with these brushes is easier and more efficient. The main advantage of our brushes is the highest quality of materials from which they are made.

Oakey softest brushes have longer and thicker bristles than other brushes available on the market, 50% natural bristles 50% synthetic. The ergonomic shape of the handle perfectly balanced, twice painted in 100% filled with plastic, is resistant to impacts and falls. We guarantee that you have never had the opportunity to work with similar brushes.

Perfect for outdoor and indoor work.

F7 Sealant All Colours

Create strong fluorine layer "PTFE" on car paint surface without base treatment. Hydrophobic properties last up to 7 months* and the newly formulated polymer develops an impermeable coating on the surface that remains for far longer than.Easy to buff off and prevent stain comparing with conventional solid type. This product protects from various kind of dirt by creating un-penetrated fluorine polymer shield on top of the paint surface.Compatible with all colour vehicle.* by SOFT99 test

Shampoo + Compound 2 in 1

Maintaining rinsing capability, this high-performance shampoo removes even stubborn dirt in a flash.Maintaining rinsing capability, this high-performance shampoo removes even stubborn dirt in a flash. Super microparticle cleaner cleans the body without scratches. We achieved to make great lather, which allows users to wash cars very smoothly. Compatible with any colours.

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Detailing Kit Mix

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