• H7 Ceramic Coating Japnaesse Soft99
H7 Ceramic Coating Japnaesse Soft99
H7 Ceramic Coating Japnaesse Soft99

Ceramic Glass Coat H7 For Paint Car & Boat 50 ml

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Brand new concept Glass coating (SiO2 Polymerizes Silicone and Oxygen included ) for car bodywork, a covering for the paintwork that is as strong as glass. The producer guarantees us the protection of a bodywork which will be very durable. Only a short while ago this was only available to large-scale industry, now became available to the general public.
This means you can now protect car bodywork from external aggressive factors: rain, snow, dirt, bird mess, sea water, etc. Application of this means isn't limited to use only on cars. You can also use it for protection of boats, yachts, various equipment, signs etc which need protection against the environment.
So, available we have: 50ml bottle of liquid glass H-7, microfiber, lint-free napkins.






*Pencil toughness

*Strong adhesive

* Extremely durable hard glass coat which can protect for up to 2 years

* 50 ml For One Car

For best results, you need to prepare the car’s bodywork before use

Clean off the parts to be coated for removing dirt and oil.
Recommend to do pre-wash with water before using ADBL shampoo.

Use Smooth Egg clay bar and softly slide it along the wet body.
Wipe off with a high absorbent cloth.
Use air gun for gap and narrow area to blow off the water.
Apply masking tape and polish with Polisher.

Before applying the coating agent, decrease the residue.
Use the following supplies, combining depending on the
body condition:
single or dual action polisher, wool pads or polishing pads,
*cutting pad - middle polishing pad - polishing pad - middle finishing pad - finishing pad and 3 kinds of compounds.Work on areas of
about two square feet (60cm x 60cm).
Polish with hands-on areas where a polisher can't reach.
Remove all masking tape and using an air gun or any similar devices,
remove powders getting into gaps.
Put the moderate amount of the solution on the white side of the sponge. Apply it evenly leaving not uncoated or poor coated areas.

Allow drying for 3-5 minutes until the body surface starts becoming white, and then wipe down evenly with a special cloth.
Apply panel by panel do not apply the whole car the same time!!!
Caution: As it dries, uncoated areas will become obvious. If there are any uncoated areas left behind, reapply to coat to the area.
Wipe off liquid within 20 min. after applied. If you leave more time, wiping will be hard and may cause an uneven finish. And, the application should be avoided when the surface to be coated is hot, because the liquid dries immediately and may cause an uneven finish.
It requires about 1 week that the coating layer will become completely hardened. Before a week passed, do not rub the coated surface roughly.
If you polish coated surface with abrasive, you may give damage to the coating layer and it may be the cause of deteriorating layer.
Wrong application Glass Coat or incorrect prepare body car to this coating CAN damage the paint of your car!!!
Please be sure you have got all the required equipment to apply this coating.
We are not responsible for wrong application this product or incorrect preparation body & boat car to coating!!!

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Ceramic Glass Coat H7 For Paint Car & Boat 50 ml

Brand new concept Glass coating for car bodywork, a covering for the paintwork that is as strong as glass. Now In New Zealand!!!

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