• Compound Polishing SOFT99 - Made In Japan - 1
  • Compound Polishing SOFT99 - Made In Japan - 2
Compound Polishing SOFT99 - Made In Japan - 2
Compound Polishing SOFT99 - Made In Japan - 2

Compound Polishing

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The medium-cut polish compound, suitable for Polishing Refining.

It can be used as a medium varnish and soft varnish (without the use of Cutting Compound).

It is also indicated for the removal of light scratches (marks of washes and holograms) caused by berets and cloths.

It produces a low level of waste, considerably reducing cleaning time.

Features & Benefits:

Contains diminishing abrasives for removal of moderate blemishes Polishing agents leave a uniform finish ready for final polishing.

Formulated without the use of silicones or waxes Filler-free for minimal drop back & true results.

Suitable for use with all gloss-finish paintwork.

Can be used with a Rotary or DA polisher For best results, use with a

Excellent properties make them a joy to work with an OAKEY PADS

*Suitable for all types of automobile paint

*Fine ceramic abrasive is highly refined to prevent scratches, marring, and blurring

*New anti-clogging, low dust formula improves working conditions

*Can be used as a two- or three-step process, as needed

*Contain no silicone, gloss-enhancers, or any other unnecessary additives

Polishing compound: pH8.5-10, Viscosity 3-6 PaS, Particle size 3-5 µm



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Compound Polishing

Compound No. 2 Polishing


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