Digloss Giraedge Tire Dressing

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Spectacular wet look on your tyres in seconds?

With Digloss Giraedge it's possible!

This unique tyre dressing has an integrated, flexible applicator head with a profiled shape, which makes it much easier to apply the dressing accurately and evenly to the tyre without getting your hands dirty.

The water-based formula forms a clear, glossy finish. It's not sticky and does not attract dust, also providing a hydrophobic effect.

Very convenient for use on low-profile tyres.

Water-based formula

A clear finish, strong shine and a wet tyre effect - this must be Digloss Giraedge!

The special applicator with a flexible head allows you to evenly coat the surface of the tyre in just a few moments.

The water-based formula allows you to get the maximum effect of a wet tire!


How to apply

1             Shake the bottle well.

2             Take off the applicator cap.

3             Coat the side wall of the tyre with the product.

4             Allow the liquid to dry for 5-10 minutes.

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Digloss Giraedge Tire Dressing

Spectacular wet-look on your tyres in seconds?

With Digloss Giraedge it's possible! 

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