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Glaco Powerful Washer Liquid

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Combining high penetration detergent with Glaco hydrophobic component, this washer liquid can remove oily and stubborn dirt such as traffic film, insects, or bird droppings, while reinforcing the hydrophobicity of the glass. 

How to use:

1. Set the included funnel into the tank.

2. Carefully cut along line 1.

3. Pour into the tank until no more comes out.

4. Carefully cut along line 2.

5. Add water into to the punch to the line inside. 

6. Pour into the tank from spot 2.


the more it is diluted, the weaker the cleaning and anti-freezer effects become. Hydrophobicity is not affected up to 3 times dilution. 

because the solution is too concentrated, the surface may be stained. Please dilute when using. 

it does not freeze until -20C.


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Glaco Powerful Washer Liquid

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