Poorboy’s World QW+ Quick Wax Plus

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Poorboy’s World Quick Wax Plus (QW+) is just as its name suggests a quick wax spray as an instant solution for attaining a freshly waxed sparkle with minimal effort. Poorboys Quick Wax+ gives an immediate boost to the visual appearance of your car while supplying the benefit of additional Carnauba Wax and UV block for extra protection. Regular use of Poorboys QW+ will extend the time between necessary waxes by reinforcing the existing wax’s protective qualities.

Poorboy’s QW+ helps prevent annoying dust that seems to gravitate to clean cars, in fact, QW+ actually repels airborne pollution, keeping your car shinier longer. It can be used on any exterior surface, even the glass, chrome and hard rubber for extra gloss and glimmer. QW+ makes it possible to always maintain a pristine car.

Unlike other waxes, Poorboy’s QW+ can be used right under the blazing sun without compromising its effectiveness or results! Unbeatable shimmer! No matter where you are or what time of day it is. 

Poorboy’s QW+ is also part cleaner, removing light oxidation and water spots as well as enhancing shine and protection due to the carnauba content. Simply spray on and wipe away fingerprints, smudges and other spots and leave your vehicle with even more of a shine.

Apply QW+ to boost your existing coating of wax such as Natty’s Paste Wax.

16oz (473ml)

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Poorboy’s World QW+ Quick Wax Plus

  • Enhances the properties of existing wax on the car
  • Quick and easy way to boost shine and protection
  • Use in-between detailing sessions

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