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Compound Cutting

Compound Cutting

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Compound Cutting

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It cuts paint back quickly and easily and is thus ideal for tackling deep scratches and severe acid etching.

Unlike many cutting compounds

Areas of use the paintwork on cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, etc.


Composite Abrasive polisher developed to quickly eliminate scratches on HS (High Solid) varnish.

Removes watermarks up to P2000, scratches, holograms and wash marks with ease.

Safely restores the paint's brightness.

Do not mask because it contains no silicone in its formulation.

It accelerates the polishing process because at the same time that it acts in the

cutting already it promotes the brightness and also produces a low level of residues, reducing considerably the time of the cleaning.



Recommendations for use Apply the fine polishing compound to the polishing pad we recommend use OAKEY PADS and polish the precleaned surface with max. 2.000 rpm crosswise.

The cleaning effect can be varied using pressure, polishing medium and rpm.

At the start of the polishing process, we recommend working with greater pressure at a lower speed. In the further course, reduce the pressure and polish to a high gloss at a higher speed.



Shake before using.

Before using, check suitability and compatibility.

Do not use on hot surfaces.

Protect against frost and excessive heat.


Excellent properties make them a joy to work with

*Suitable for all types of automobile paint

*Fine a ceramic abrasive is highly refined to prevent scratches, marring, and blurring

*New anti-clogging, low dust formula improves working conditions

*Can be used as a two- or three-step process, as needed

*Contain no silicone, gloss-enhancers, or any other unnecessary additives

Cutting compound: pH8.5-10, Viscosity 6-16 PaS, Particle size 10-12 µm


Content: 300ml



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