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Iron Terminator 4000 ml

Iron Terminator 4000 ml

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Iron Terminator 4000 ml

Regular price $129.99
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4000 ml Iron Terminator Soft99 Japan

Design to be used on both wheels and bodywork, the reaction time is very short and clings really well to the surface!

Great companion with other Soft99 products in the range!

It can be also used on bodywork as a surface preparation stage before waxing.

A bottle will last approximately 20 wheels


- Rinse wheels first for excess dirt

- Spray product onto the wheels, make sure it is

covered properly

- Let the product work approximately for 3-5 mins

(Wheels will turn purple slowly)

- Rinse off with water - If there is dirt left over,

please repeat and use a wheel brush to remove dirt Strong fallout remover exclusively develops for the aluminium wheel.

Special active agent and ammonium thioglycolate

synergistic effect thoroughly removes the stubborn iron deposit which normal car wash cannot.

In special this product is highly effective for ferrous deposits.

Quick color change shows clearly where the product is activated.

PH-balanced (pH-7) formula without abrasive particles, friendly to aluminum wheel and humans.


1. Shake the bottle well and turn the nozzle to.

2. Spray about 10 cm from the cleaned surface. Apply

on cool surfaces and in a shaded area.

3. Let it react for a few minutes, the colour will

turn dark red. In case of stronger dirt, use Oakey Brushes

4. Rinse well with high-pressure water.

5. Repeat steps

1-4 if needed.

4000 ml

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