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Oil Absorbing Sheets

Oil Absorbing Sheets

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Oil Absorbing Sheets

Regular price $70.00
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  1. Excellent Adsorption Power!

 Absorb over 30 times its own weight in mineral-based, plant-based, and animal-based oil.

Especially works effectively for concentrated and high viscosity oil.


 2. Absorb Oil Even in Water!

 Only absorbs oil from the Oil-Water mixture suitable for oil filtration tank and gutter. 

*In case of mixing with a surfactant or chemical agent, it may settle out depending on its amount.


3. Economical Value! Excellent absorption can get a great effect with a small amount, it reduces cost.


 4. Ecological Material

The garbage amount can be reduced by half because the absorption amount will be 3-4 times more compared to the product made from Poly-Propylene.

Also, ingredients mainly consist of natural fiber, which works thermal energy as half after disposing of. (PP made: approx. 11,000cal/g, G’ZOX PS Oil

Absorber: approx. 5,500cal/g), besides CO2 emission as the main incident of global warming, can reduce as half compare to Poly-Propylene made.


5. Minimized Oil Leakage!

 Hollow fiber takes the oil into fiber and is hard to release, to prevent secondary pollution leakage.


USAGE: for maintenance facilities floor, around the industrial machine, motor, drum, and absorption against leakage while tanker fills in.







 -          Use only for the intended purpose.

-          Immediately correct and dispose of the used sheet.

-          Beware of sinking this product when fill-in in surfactant.

-          This product is flammable, keeps away from fire, oxidant, and decomposer.

-          In case of fire, extinguish by foam, carbon dioxide, or dry chemical.

-          Beware of electrostatic discharge or sparkle, when absorbing flammable oil.

-          Beware of danger depending on chemical form.

-          No specified information regarding acute effects on the human body and health.

Take medical attention when attaching detachment fiber into the eyes.


Handling and Storage:

-          Avoid direct sunlight. Store in a well-ventilated area.

-          Do not store around the flammable area such as a heating appliance.

-          Prevent direct sunlight or getting wet in the condition of transportation.

-          Nothing danger in regular usage. When impregnated with oil, handle with care according to oil property.

-          Dispose of by appropriate method according to oil property after absorption.

-          Discharge, treatment or disposal may be subject to national, state, or local laws.

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