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Protective Face Mask Red

Protective Face Mask Red

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Protective Face Mask Red

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They retain most (at least 99.97%) of impurities larger than 0.3 microns, as well as most of the bacteria, fungal cells and protozoa.

What are the advantages of a mask with a replaceable filter? - above all, the mask protects you from harmful substances that are in the air, - FPP3 filter used, which perfectly filters out particles of dust, mists and fumes.

It is the most effective filter available on the market (retains up to 98% of toxic impurities), - Includes two AirTech valves that allow easy airflow, - It is equipped with a layer of non-woven fabric with activated carbon, thanks to which it absorbs sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), compounds very toxic to the body, - the mask is very soft, light and comfortable, - very easy to adjust - the breathable material used allows you to maintain thermal comfort, - the mask is perfectly folded (breathing holes exactly at the nose), and - Perfectly protects against cold, snow, wind and sun, - Extended mask life by using a special layer of protective nonwoven fabric - A modern ventilation system used makes breathing easier and eliminates pollution.

The innovative design of the mask and equipping it with an additional filter increasing the filtration surface and providing fresher air under the canopy significantly increases the comfort of its use compared to half-masks without filters. The installed inhalation valve facilitates exhalation of air, - Very easy and intuitive to put on (velcro) makes the mask universal in size, - Compact, anatomical shape, pleasant to the touch and delicate material, - filter replacement makes the mask very economical, - A wide selection of colours will allow you to choose the perfect mask for any clothes.  

Why do customers buy the HEPAMASK mask the most?

• Neoprene - durable neoprene material, which is specially profiled, makes wearing the mask extremely comfortable.

• Max Hole Pattern - placing special holes around the mask enables proper and high airflow.

• Velcro - the perfectly designed Velcro does not restrict movement, allows a wide range of adjustment, thanks to which it adheres perfectly to the head.

• Aluminum clip - a durable nose made of a special type of aluminium, it adapts to the nose structure to ensure the mask is airtight.

• Anatomical shape - the innovative shape of the mask ensures perfect adhesion to the face and adaptation to any construction.

• Modern valves - two exhaust valves in the mask to remove water vapour, heat and carbon dioxide even faster.

• Filter replacement - a special filter attachment system allows the quick and trouble-free replacement of a used filter. Technologies used in the filter:

• L-Resistance, HEPA - submicron filters catching solid particles from the air. They retain most (at least 99.97%) of impurities larger than 0.3 microns, as well as most bacteria, fungal cells and protozoa.

• PM2.5 - dust filter up to 2.5 microns in diameter, which is one of the most harmful to human health from atmospheric pollution.

• PM10 - the PM10 suspended dust filter, which is a dust fraction with very small grain diameter sizes - up to 10 micrometres.

• The beans are small enough to penetrate deep into the lungs.

• DACC - is used to effectively filter basic pollutants related to vehicle emissions.

• FPP3 - one of the most effective filters in the world, also applicable in industry.

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