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Rain Drop Coating Body & Glass

Rain Drop Coating Body & Glass

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Rain Drop Coating Body & Glass

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Car maintenance has never been so quick and easy! Try Rain Drop and see that it only takes a few minutes to protect all exterior car surfaces, boost their appearance and give them hydrophobic properties. 

Rain Drop "Bazooka" is applied on a wet surface and makes use of water while you spread the product and simultaneously dry the car. This allows you to shorten working time to a minimum!

Rain Drop is an instant way for a shiny and comprehensively sealed car. The RAS technology-rich formula allows you to apply the product to any surface - paint, glass, trim, chrome, lights and even rims, boost their appearance, giving them hydrophobic properties and protection against dirt.

The revolutionary method of application uses a special nozzle to spray the product under high pressure and over a long section, which allows you to cover even large surfaces in the blink of an eye, and reduce the working time to an absolute minimum.

To make it even easier, Rain Drop has been designed for wet use. Its formula binds with water, facilitates spreading on the surface and additionally supports drying without streaks and reflections. Rain Drop gives the paint a visible gloss instantly, darkens the surface and covers up minor imperfections to enhance shine.

A combination of advanced polymers produces a durable hydrophobic coating on the surface that lasts for 3 months. The coat is resistant to the effects of everyday use, and its durability has been verified during a cycle of up to 5 washes in an automatic tunnel car wash!

Rain Drop used as independent windshield protection performs features of invisible wiper for up to 2 months, but is also fully compatible with Glaco products, perfectly supporting their properties.

Bazooka can be used both as a stand-alone product but is perfectly suited as a quick detailer for synthetic and hybrid waxes, as well as a booster for quartz and ceramic coatings.


1. Wash your car with a neutral pH shampoo to remove all dirt

2. Rinse the car thoroughly

3. By pressing the atomizer trigger * apply the optimal amount of product onto the wet surface of the car, and then immediately spread the foam with

soft and absorbent microfiber. Remember to change microfiber sides frequently

4. Buff each element with a dry microfiber to make sure that all product remains have been removed


* If you want the atomizer to spray the product constantly, set the side trigger to the horizontal position.

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