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The Kiwami Extremely Gloss Dark&Black

The Kiwami Extremely Gloss Dark&Black

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The Kiwami Extremely Gloss Dark&Black

Regular price $40.55
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  • This Wax Guarantee!!!

    High Gloss, High Durability, High Hydrophobic

    Top Seller Product In Our Store!!!

    The Soft99 Extreme Gloss Wax combines long-lasting high glossy synthetic polymer and natural carnauba wax striking a perfect balance between durability and gloss.

    While this new blend still delivers an almighty level of gloss ('kiwami' means 'extreme' in Japanese), the look does differ from that produced by the King Of Gloss in two ways.

     Firstly, it doesn't make the clear coat look appreciably thicker, but it does deliver a slightly softer looking gloss that looks even wetter in our opinion.

    Secondly, it doesn't have the same tinting effect on darker-coloured finishes and mid-tone colours, but it does make them look noticeably richer and warmer (probably as a direct result of the greater carnauba wax content).

    SOFT99 Kiwami Extreme Gloss Wax is a state of the art hybrid wax formulated specifically to deliver an extreme degree of surface gloss.

     It achieves this using a hybrid blend of both petroleum-based and naturally derived waxes (e.g. paraffin and carnauba), and high gloss synthetic polymers.

    These components cure to form an exceptionally glossy looking layer of protection, which accentuates the underlying body colour.

    A lifespan of more than four months per application can be expected, although this can be extended further if it is layered from the outset.

  • As is usually the case for Japanese waxes, two different versions of SOFT99 Kiwami Extreme Gloss Wax are available; dark, light versions

  • (white version The Kiwami please find under the Synthetic wax column)

  • The dark version intensifies the depth and richness of darker-coloured paint finishes, while the light version enhances the brightness of lighter-coloured finishes.

    Comes in three versions, The light version will create a transparent glossy finish.

  • The dark version will create a deep and dark shiny finish.

    Depending on weather conditions, it can last up to 3 months. Less abrasive, gentle to new paintwork. Mild cleaning power is able to remove water / dark spots on light surfaces.

  • Directions:

  • * Make sure that your car colour is compatible with the product.

    1. Wash off any sand, dust, dirt or any remaining water drops in advance.

    2. Take a moderate amount of the wax and spread it evenly onto the car's body using the included sponge.

    3. After the surface gets dry (5-10 minutes in 20), wipe off with a soft clean towel. * We recommend you do this process panel by panel (e.g. hood, door, roof, etc.), especially in the summer. * Drying time may be longer in cold temperature.

    Black Hard - 200g

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